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Emergency Plumbing in Reseda, CA

12 Mars 2017, 10:17am

The drain system in the home is the system which carries waste water from the various parts of the house to the main drain. The parts connected to the drain system include all the sinks in the house, bathtub, toilet, boiler and laundry area. The drain system is connected to vent pipes which help to remove bad odors from the system so that there are no bad smells going back to the house. The diameter of the pipes used in the different parts of the drain system depends on the flow expected. For instance the toilet and the bathtub have a bigger diameter than the bathroom sinks. The main drain where all the pipes meet is the biggest in diameter. The main drain the flows to the sewer system or to the septic tank. You can rely on experience and licensed 24hourplumbinginlosangeles.com Reseda plumber specialist with many years of  and well-equipped to handle any issues that you may have.

When is drain cleaning necessary?

The drains should be cleaned either by the owner or by a plumber. Drain cleaning is a maintenance practice that helps keep the drains in proper working conditions. There are various ways that the drains can be cleaned. One way is by hot water down the sinks. The hot water melts anything that would have solidified down the drain like grease. Pouring a mixture of hot water and vinegar down the sink is also known to be a good way of cleaning the drains. If the drain is clogged then you may have to use a plunger to push the clog through the drain. If the plunger does not work well you can by a plumber's snake to remove the clog. A plumber's snake is able to go through the piping with ease and remove the clogs.  

Are chemical drain cleaners safe?

There are many chemical products in the market that purport to clean the drain system. Such products should be avoided at all costs. This is because the chemicals used in making these products are not safe if inhaled. Chemicals will also affect the pipes causing easy corrosion or reacting with the PVC and making it weak. Chemicals products should therefore be avoided in the plumbing system.

How to know if the main drain is clogged

Over time the main drain will accumulate residues that will cause clogging. When this happens for hot water and using other methods above may not work. It is then important to seek the expertise of a plumber. Messing with the main drain can become an expensive affair at the end especially if damaged. A plumber will be able to maneuver properly removing the drain without causing further damage to the system. 

The drains are an important part of the home plumbing and should therefore be taken care of properly as required.  

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